Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Last week in a post

The India 22 subteams had a very productive week. We are all starting to feel the pressure as the final presentation date gets closer, but we can already see some good results in front of us. Below you can see what each subteam achieved last week:

Bharti Foundation Team:

The Bharti foundation team had the pleasure of meeting with Barthi Foundation’s VP, Mrs Mamta Saikia. She involved the team on a teacher recognition event and shared her ideas and perspectives with the team. Also, during two days, the team attended to the teacher’s math training and had the opportunity to observe the quality and effectiveness of the training. On Thursday, the team hit the road again and visited two different schools the Ludhiana West district. The team was able to observe some classes and also received welcome cards from the students.  It was great seeing once again the quality of the schools and the engagement of teachers and employees. 

LSRM Team:

Last week, the LSRM team continued gathering data for their needs assessment using focus groups, an employee survey, and interviews with employee families.  They are focused on developing a Corporate Social Responsibility education program for girl children, starting with the girl children of LSRM employees.  To better understand how to structure this program, they conducted focus groups with employees and local NGOs (Bharti and Swabhimaan), interviewed 5 employees, girl children, and employee wives, and continued surveying employees.  During their home visits, the employee families were very gracious hosts and it was wonderful to sit in their homes and talk with them about their children's education.  The team really enjoyed talking with the 2 NGOs and over 50 LSRM employees to learn more about the educational challenges and opportunities in Ludhiana and Punjab.   

Swabhimaan Team:

The Swabhimaan team had an eventful week last week. Monday the team went to a wedding in the evening. Tuesday they went to the Swabhimaan school and interviewed children, parents and teachers and in the afternoon celebrated Kazu's birthday and later in the evening 6 of the CSC members went to the clients house for dinner and more birthday celebrations. Wednesday the team had another successful day in the office and in the evening went to their other client’s house for dinner. Friday was their 2nd week status meeting where they presented where the team was in their respective pieces of the project. The team had more partners than they typically work with at the meeting. The meeting was very heated and full of discussion, but all in all it was a successful meeting.  They were all ready to hit the road on their respectful journeys, Shimla and Agra to see the Taj Mahal.

PAU Team:

The PAU's team objective for the week was to map out the process of student semester registration. There were several discussions with the CTC (Chief Teaching Committee) staff to get initial input, followed by a mapping of the workflow and then several revision meetings. Here is the team discussing with the main process stakeholders.

But the week was not only hard work… We had another great dinner at Jaspreed’s house. His parents prepared some traditional Punjabi dishes, including the famous “Gol Gappa”. As usual, we ate a lot! Along with the food, we enjoyed a traditional Bollywood movie! Lots of fun and loud music...

Another highlight of the week was Kazu’s birthday!! Happy Birthday Kazu!!!

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