Saturday, February 15, 2014

First week went by so fast

Each team was working hard as the first week slowly came to an end. We had started deeper discussions with our clients, understood what their expectations were, did our best to be realistic about what could be provided in only 4 weeks and finally started to get some work done. The results of any adjustments we had done went into the finalized SoWs. Each team returned to the hotel with a sense of accomplishment.

The Swabhimaan team discussing with their client.

2 members of the PAU team returning to the hotel and taking a picture with the driver.

The Ludhiana Steel Rolling Mills team meeting one of the families.

The Bharti Foundation team visiting a school:

We had planned a full weekend and also an exciting evening activity - dinner with our local guide Jaspreet, who had invited us to his home to meet his parents and have a traditional dinner. It was a great evening. We enjoyed delicious food and met a wonderful family.

Here is a picture of Cathy with our hosts.

Anneliese made a short food-dictionary for us to remember.

It was a relaxing evening that we will remember for a long time. Thank you Jaspreet for the invitation!

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