Tuesday, February 11, 2014

If you survive Indian driving, you will get to live another day (or the trip to Chandigarh)

We met at 9:30 am European time (or 8 am India Stretchable Time). Today, we were heading to Chandigarh, the only planned city in India and Punjab's capital. After India's independence, it was planned and built by the Swiss architect Le Corbusier. After 2 hours and 97.6 km, we arrived at our destination.

First sight on our agenda was the Rock Garden. Nek Chand designed it secretly for 18 years, making use of waste produced during the creation of Chandigarh. After that time, it was a 48,000m² complex of interlinked courtyards, each filled with hundreds of pottery covered concrete sculptures of dancers, musicians and animals. It made a great place for group pictures!

Sukhna Lake was next on our list.  We stopped into a small restaurant called Mermaid, which had no seafood, but we enjoyed Indian Chinese noodles and 'veg chicken' among other items.  A short boat trip was calling, but the team didn't feel like working out OR waiting in the 100+ person line.  We finished off the meal with coconut water and then hopped back on the bus to check out the Rose Garden, which is apparently the largest in Asia!  This garden was designed by Mr. Hussain (not Saddam!) and contains many varieties of beautiful roses, eg. Barbara Bush, Tender Love and Simplicity.
We were fully exhausted after the rose garden so we hit the road back to Ludhiana, but had to stop because life was endlessly flashing before our eyes and enjoy our potentially last glass of fresh squeezed orange juice.  Please check out the following two videos which will say more than we ever could even with an additional posts!

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