Monday, March 3, 2014

3rd week of assignment in India, Punjab

Here is a summary about our 3rd week of assignment in Ludhiana:

26th Feb

LSRM Team:

Very important day for them. They had a promotional CSR meeting with the Potential Committee Members in which they motivated and encouraged the LSRM management why exactly this Girl Child Education Program will be a great value for their company's CSR activity.

Bharti team:

It was taken on the Bharti office, during a team recognition event. The Bharti Foundation Team were invited to participate and deliver the certificate to the Bharti Foundation employee.

PAU team:

At the Agricultural University they ve got the chance to drive a tractor on the student's practice field, here is a proof:

Swabhimaan team:

They went to one of Swabhimaan school to take photos for their new social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, website.

After that they went up to a meeting with IL&FS as it could be a potential partner  with Swabhimaan to teach vocation training to the kids as they get to class 10 or their parents as well as offering teacher training for the Swabhimaan NGO teachers. The meeting went very well for them, in fact they offered to teach 30 of the Swabhimaan teachers for free as soon as Swabhimaan could schedule the training.

What a successful day for them!

In the evening - 26th Feb -  we all went out for a bhangra dancing lesson.
We took a Bhangra/Bollywood class with Footloose dance and yoga studio, thanks to Anneliese. We learned some pretty cool moves!

Here is a video on Youtube that the dance studio published:  

27th Feb

LSRM team had the chance to participate in a Hindu festival, Shivaratri is the festival celebrated with great fervor, enthusiasm & glory at Krishna Mandir. A large number of devotees, use to recite bhajans and shlokas & Devotees kept pouring on this temples during the whole day.

LSRM team went to Shri Krishna Mandir (temple) near 15.00 pm which is a very famous & biggest temple of Ludhiana in Model Town Extension, Ludhiana. This temple is one of the newest beautifully furnished temples constructed on 500 Sq. yards with more than 520 statues have been established in this temple, but the main attraction is the 37 feet high statue of Lord Hanuman.

Great Night of Shiva: was just incredible what has happened.

6 of us stayed in the Hotel, but 6 of us went to visit the same temple which LSRM team visited earlier on the same day. Just 10 min after as the "half of the team" left, it was a very bad hail storm and heavy rain so you can believe as the streets became rivers and in some places had up to 20 cm of ice along the roads. Imagine as the 6 team members were out at a Hindu temple... barefooted :o)

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